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pet care and dog walking services

Welcome to LPFLP

We are the best team of carers in the Worcester area to look after your pet for several good reasons:

We are animal lovers
We have training
We have a lot of experience
We have common sense

Our business practices, premises and our vehicles have been Inspected on one or more occasions by all the relevant bodies:

The County Council's trading standards department
The Dog Warden Service
The Police

On all counts we have been found to be "Fit for Purpose."

We offer the following:

Business Services

If you've ever thought that you would like to develop a successful Dogwalking and Petcare business around where you live then come to us for a detailed introduction.

Petcare Services

Our priority is to keep you and your pets happy and your home secure. From fish to farm animals, hedgehogs to horses, rodents to reptiles.
We've cared for them all.


We will give your dogs a good time and they won't demand a walk the moment you get home.

Owning a dog.

A dog can be great company and an asset to any household. Let us help you make the right choices.